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        Chairman Jieping Li attended the opening ceremony of the InterContinental Hotel in Kunming
        Date:2015-11-26 Author:

        On September 28th 2013, Chairman Mr. Jieping Li of Ruihe visited the Spring City of Kunming, and attended the opening ceremony of the InterContinental Hotel in Kunming, which was co-constructed by our company.

        The ceremony was divided into two parts: the news conference and reception. At the news conference, the investors of InterContinental Hotels – Yunnan Investment Group has delivered a warm speech. After giving thanks to the government and community, the speaker expressed his sincere gratitude to the construction parties who have been working very hard for the project. When Chairman Mr. Lei Xu of Yunnan Investment Group handed over the golden key that symbolized the management power of the hotel to General Manager of the Intercontinental Hotel Huodun Nie, all the guests at conference especially guests from Ruihe and other construction parties, applauded coincidentally to express their heartfelt joy and pride at witnessing their work be put into use.

        The following reception has been simple and grand, with the host and guests conveying sincere wishes over wine. Chairman Mr. Lei Xu of Yunnan Investment Group made a special toast to Chairman Jieping Li and thanked Ruihe for the support in the building process of the hotel. Chairman Li expressed with humility that, as a listed decoration company, Ruihe has the responsibility and obligation to contribute its effort to the construction of Yunnan. Both sides have warm and friendly expressed their willingness to strengthen cooperation in the future.

        Kunming InterContinental Hotel is located by the beautiful “plateau pearl” of Dianchi Lake, with construction area of 86,000 square meters. The Dianchi Lake tourist resort possesses breathtaking views, the quiet luxury of the hotel, exotic flora and fauna, world class cuisines and warm smile of the staff, which provides a rare and joyous experience for visiting Kunming. The hotel has 541 luxury rooms and suites overlooking Dianchi Lake. Ruihe has conducted the decoration of more than 270 rooms and high-end conference rooms.

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