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        The top managers of Ruihe visited Country Garden and sought for in-depth cooperation
        Date:2015-11-26 Author:

        On May 22nd 2013, Chairman Jieping Li, General Manager Huiyi Xu and others from Ruihe Shares formed a delegation of seven to visit Shunde Country Garden under the hurricane of the summer of the southern China. They were warmly received by the senior executives including President Bin Mo of Country Garden Holdings.

        The meeting of the two sides was conducted in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Chairman Jieping Li firstly gave a brief introduction of the development of Ruihe to the leaders of Country Garden, indicating that Ruihe Shares’ interest in forming long-term strategic cooperation with large real estate developers like Country Garden. General Manager Huiyi Xu then explained the operational advantages of Ruihe Shares – a listed brand, the mechanism of private enterprises, the incentive similar to the insurance companies, and strict scientific management, all of which were highly consistent with the high-quality positioning of products of Country Garden, making good basis for the cooperation of both parties. President Bin Mo of Country Garden first expressed his gratitude to Ruihe Shares for their visit and sincerity, and he gave his high degree of recognition with the speech of Chairman Li and General Manager Xu, he then immediately suggested that based on the mutual trust, the business sectors of both sides should start communication and begin substantive cooperation.

        After the meeting, Country Garden entertained the delegation of Ruihe.

        Country Garden was founded in 1992 and listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007. It is a well-known domestic comprehensive group that majors in real estate while covering the areas of construction, renovation, property management, hotel development and management, education and other industries. It is one of the Top 10 enterprises in China real estate industry. 

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